Great Woman

Posted December 22, 2013 from United States

Reality True story : December 2013 - this week - she is now 95 years of age . Way back in 1943 when she was 25 , she married her high school sweet heart of same age . They had 5 years of happy married life and then in 1948 , 65 years back her husband was drafted into army and had to leave her . While going away he told her ' If anything happens to me and I don't come back , don't wait for me , go ahead and marry again ' - these are his parting words - He Did Not Come Back , He Was Reported MIA = Missing In Action . What did our heroine , our lady do ? Did she follow his advice and married again ??? NO NEVER - SHE DID NOT - She Told Everyone of Her friends , relatives and all those near and dear : ' I will wait for Him , I know He Will Come Back . I Know In My Heart One Day He Will Come Back ' - so she never married again , she never lost hope , she waited and waited and waited for 65 years - Yes This Week HE Came Back - IN A COFFIN Draped In A Flag - HIS Remains Missing In Action for 65 Years were Identified with the help of DNA Identification - Now this week our 95 year Lady Heroine She received her husband , her hope , her high school sweet heart , her soul mate , her boy friend and said ' See I knew HE will Come Back To me , Now I will Bury HIM and soon look forward to Join Him ' - I Bow To You - What A Woman , What A Great Woman . What A Hope - Trust , Faith , Loyalty ------

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