20 . An exciting day - at that time it was so , now looking back I am not so sure . I was a 13 year young boy - 15 August 1947 - India was declared Independent - no more dependent upon British , French , Portuguese , Moguls - every one had a piece of Indian History , but on that day I felt it was a great day - Independent India - Bifurcated India , once a colony of many a country , but now I try t...o understand India , what was India and now what is it - In Vedic Times - India was Bhaarath , Akhanda Bhaarath , Jamboo Dweep , Draavida-Aarya Varth , AaSethu Himaachala Paryanth , Thripeetta ( Tibet ) Kailaash Parvath , SimhaLa Dweep South - then what happened to that Bhaarath - It Became sathaadhika desayor Anga Vanga KaLinga Kaashmeera Kaambhoja Kaikaya Chera Chola Paandya Draavida Vidarbha kunthala Kosala Gaandhaara Barbara PraakPaschima Chaalukya - where was India - Then every conquering country had a share - Alexander , Nadir Shah , Ghajni , Ghori , baabars akbars nizams bahamnais Portuguese French East India Company Victoria and It Was The British Who Made India One and in 1947 again it was the same British who broke India and now external forces from the North and West and Internal forces within Bhaarath are trying their best to Balkanize Bhaarath into many bits and pieces based on religion , language , what the future holds for this Bharath ????? but on that day 15th of August 1947 me a 13 year boy ran in the streets of Guntur with The Tri Color in my hand without any thought for the future - I was part of that Day so called historic day ; let me go back to 1934 year of my birth - I could have traveled to PeshawarPurushapur or Lahore Or Rawalpindi in the west and Dakha Chittagong in the east , Kabul Kandahar in the north and Colombo in the south without fear , but now even in residual Bhaarath I am a stranger because I am faced by the barriers of religion , language , region - One believes in circles - all so called great civilizations Indus , Greek , Roman , Colonial , Crusades , Book & Sword have had their day and disappeared and so will one day One Bhaarath will grace the Earth - hope so let it be it's worth .