M B B S 1952 - 1958 : January 11, 2014 at 7:15am

Where am I ? I was on cloud nine . That day 18 July 1952 . Slowly the excitement abated . Sun is nearing western horizon . I am all freshened up and hungry , but supper can wait . The document says that I am admitted into Medical College . What needs to be done now ? As per the instructions in that government parchment and as informed by my stern father , the following procedure need to be followed - my father is going to execute a bond that He , on my behalf accepts my admission into Medical College and that He is responsible for my conduct ( He looked at me askance ) , and that the following instructions to be followed - M B B S ( Medicine Bachelor Bachelor Surgery ) education is spread over Six years - first two years referred to as First MBBS Course - Pre-Clinical Medical Education ; 3rd year is Second MBBS Course - Para-Clinical Medical Education ; 4th and 5th years are known as Final MBBS Course - Clinical Stage of Medical Education ; Sixth Year is Housemanship / House Physician / House Surgeon and then convocation , MBBS degree presentation , Registration by State Medical Council and then I would be eligible for prefix DOCTOR before my name - long way to go , many bridges to cross - all this my father was telling me and saying in His own inimitable way that I will be responsible and that I will justify the trust going to be placed in me and that it will be worth the financial burden on the family for the next six years - Do You Know The Burden - in 1952 the cost of Medical Education - Rupees 250/-- per annum as fees , not what it is now hundreds of thousands of rupees - but I kept silent standing with my hands folded across my chest and head bent as my father went on saying - I need to go to my present Luthern Andhra Christian College and obtain the following certificates - Transfer Certificate , Conduct Certificate - here again my father was apprehensive that at least I will get a Conduct Certificate ' SATISFACTORY ' and now looking back I can say at no stage no Head Master or Principal or Vice Chancellor ever scribbled anything except SATISFACTORY on a small paper , anyway that is satisfactory enough ; Study Certificate ; A Treasury Challan for Rupees 250/- payable to State Government which will cover my Tuition for the first year and with all these certificates and along with the letter of admission into Medical College I have to present myself along with my father in The Office Of The Principal , Guntur Medical College , Collectorate Road , Guntur by 10th of August 1952 for further instructions which will be provided in the above said office - with that I was allowed to have something to eat - rice and pickle and retire for the night - Sun has already disappeared and I had a fitful sleep on my usual mat under the margosa tree in the front courtyard and dreamed of what it is going to be during the next six years - will I ever be treated as an individual , as a person , as a grown up human - let me wait for the Sun to rise on the eastern horizon and I shall embark on a road that will determine my future , my place in the world , purpose of my life - so friends please do wait along with me for the dawn to break next morn and wish me well ---

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Travel with me through six years of my undergraduate medical education leading to M B B S Degree of Andhra University , Visaakhapattanam , Aandhra Bhaarath Desh in 1958 me doctor balakrishna murthy ramaraju