Guntur My Town - Beginings of My Medical Education

Posted January 15, 2014 from United States

Guntur is my town , not that Guntur is my own , I can not say that I own Guntur Town . What I mean when I say ' Guntur is my town ' is that Guntur is my birth town Guntur is the Town wherein way back in 1934 I was born . An area that is included as Palanaadu area as it known . An area that is in south central Bhaarath - Indian east coastal region . Guntur is a Tobacco Town , Cotton Town , Krishna River southern bank region.

It is also A University Town - Madras , Andhra , Naagaarjuna University Town . That is the town where in July 1952 I completed my premedical education . My Medical Education is about to take roots Come August 1952 soon .

The Alma Mater will be Guntur Medical College as it is known

In 1945 Guntur Medical College is born Thanks to the efforts of Srimathi Aachanta Rukminamma a lady of renown, She the life partner of Doctor Aachamta Lakshmipathy , a famous physician .Guntur Medical College is near the rail tracks west of railway station On a street leading towards the Collectorate , hub of district administration, Into the portals of that Guntur Medical College I am soon going to step in.

Before that I was summoned to office of Director of Medical Education . There I went to City Of Madras ( as Chennai it is now known ). First time to A Metropolis I have ever been , I did go with trepidation , did overcome my fear of the unknown. Before the stalwarts of the profession I had my initiation

A sealed cover I was given to be given to The Principal Of Guntur Medical College . I was told to submit the sealed envelope along with all the documents in my possession. What is in the envelope I was told are the details of my medical education. And they shall be known soon on 10th of August 1952 when I am due to present myself

I know I am anxious , my father is also but stoic as he is known. Friends wait and we will all see when that D-Day few days away and I shall share with you ALL . me anasooyaathreya balakrishna murthy ramaraju

ramaraju balakrishna murthy

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