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"The Valley of Kashmir was originally a great lake called - Satisar. Kashmir name is derived from Rishi KASHYAP . Rishi Kashyap through rigorous penance, drained all the Satisar lake water and created number of rivulets which merged with rivers Jehlum and Indus. Through Tapasya Kashyap invited Lord Shiva to Bless the place. Lord Shiva blessed Kashmir . The place where Lord Shiva appeared to Bless Kashmir is known as Amarnath . Lord Shiva dwells in a cave here in the form of Ice Lingam. Amarnath is 145 km north of Srinagar . Rulers of Kashmir : 1. Kashyap ; 2. Son of Kashyap - Neel ; 3. Maurya Empire (322 -185 BCE) and 4. Kushan Empire ( 100 AD ). In 1327 A.D , Rinchen Shah the Hindu ruler of Kashmir converted to Islam . The last Hindu king, Udiana Deva was replaced in 1346 . The Sikh Confederacy of Punjab under Ranjit Singh won Kashmir in 1819 .Ranjit Singh ruled over Kashmir with his capital at Amritsar and Lahore .Later Ghulab Singh was the ruler of Jammu & Ladakh . He was Ranjit Singh`s grand nephew. Ghulab Singh established the Dogra dynasty (Jamwal Rajput) . Ghulab Singh died in 1857 and was succeeded by his son Rambir Singh. Thereafter Partab Singh ruled Kashmir. Partab Singh was succeeded by and Hari Singh , father of Dr. Karan Singh . Kashmiri Hindus’ homeland is Panun Kashmir . J&K comprises of Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. Kashmir comprises of districts of Anantnag, Baramulla and Srinagar (now divided into 10 districts). Ladakh is the northern most tip of India . Languages of Kashmir are : Kashmiri , Pahari, Mirpuri, Gojri, Hindko, Punjabi, Pashto"

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