Making of A Surgeon 1959 - 1963

Posted March 4, 2014 from United States

Welcome , join me in my Surgical Journey learning in the halls , corridors of AMC / KGH / AUW , up & down walks on foot along the streets of Visakhapatnam for necessities of physical existence , Bay of Bengal beach for occasional relaxation from stress & strain of burdens - intellectual as well survival , climb up Dolphin's Nose ( a hillock ) to take in the panoramic view of Bay of Bengal , and a sacred trip to pay Obeisance to Simachalam Lakshmi Narasimha Swaamy Vaari Temple . By this time you all know that AMC stands for Andhra Medical College , KGH for King George Hospital , AUW for Andhra University Waltair , a journey that lasted for four years in three stages from last week of August 1959 to first week of 1963 .Let me give you a preview of that momentous journey of three stages . First stage from August 1959 to May 1961 - first stop , engine failure - struggles and travails - struggle for existence - financial , intellectual , failure and disappointment . Second stage from May 1961 to April 1962 , a period of humility and eventual overcome of failure . Third stage from May 1962 to first week of May 1963 first steps as a qualified surgeon . As I am about to embark on that journey way back in August of 1959 it is my sacred duty to pay my respects & regards to All Those Stalwarts who made that journey possible - First and foremost my Late Father Doctor Subbarao gaaru who passed away in 1957 while I was still in my Last Year of Final MBBS - May His Soul Rest In Peace - three fold peace , Saanthi thrayam - Jeeva Aathma Saanthi Peace to Eternal Soul , Bhouthika Saanthi Peace to Physical Body that was consigned to fire and ashes immersed in Holy River Ganges ( Ganga ) , Daivika Saanthi Peace to Divine Aspect of Soul . Let me move on and follow the protocol of my gratitude to the hierarchy - 1. DR K N Rao gaaru of Indian Medical Service , Director Of Medical Education ; he is the son in law of Philosopher cum Statesman Pandit Sarvepally Radhakrishnan gaaru second President of Bhaarath ( India ) Republic .K N Rao gaaru served as a Physician to Graet Hero Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and a WHO Consultant , A Great Personality .( flash forward to 1992 for a few months I myself was Director of Medical Education AP ) . 2 . Professor P N Rao gaaru of ENT Department , the then Principal of AMC . 3. Professor V S Raghunaathan gaaru of Medicine Department , the then Medical Superintendent of KGH ( flash ahead to 1990 I myself will be Medical Superintendent of GGH Guntur ) . 4. Surgical Faculty of five General Surgical Units : a. Professor Mahankaali Krishnamoorthy gaaru , First Surgeon and HOD Surgery ( 1989 I myself will be HOD General Surgery GMC / GGH Guntur ) , b. 2nd Surgical Unit Professor B Sundararaamamoorthy gaaru , a great Surgeon just back from Indian Army Surgical Service , hopelessly addicted to Alcohol - Sorry Sir I don't mean any disrespect , c. 3rd Surgical Unit Professor B Shanmukheswararao gaaru , a sedate capable surgeon , d. 4th Surgical Unit Professor Lingam SooryanaaraayaNa gaaru , my boss under whom I am going to work as Tutor in General Surgery , Post Graduate student Master of Surgery MS General Surgery for the next two years 1959 - 1961 , more about him at a later stage , e. 5th Surgical Unit is An Honorary General Surgery Unit - Professor M V Ramanamoorthy gaaru a retired Director of Medical Education Madras Presidency . These are the Pancha Paandavas Five Surgical Stalwarts from whom I learnt all that I know about Surgery and my thanks also are due to others - Assistant Professors Department Of Surgery - Raamprathaaparao gaaru, K Pitchayya gaaru , E N B Sarma gaaru , G M N Swaamy gaaru , Professor of Orthopedics C Vyaaghreswarudu gaaru , Professors of Neuro Surgery B Raamamoorthy gaaru and B Dayanandarao gaaru , Professor of Cardio Thoracic Surgery K Sadaasivam gaaru . I bow to each one of them Manasaa ( in thought ) , Vachasaa ( in word ) , KarmaNa ( in action ) , Aathmana ( in spirit ) , Buddheyana ( in wisdom ) , Dehena api ( in body also = physically ) . Now I am happy I remembered all those great personalities , a sign that my mental faculty is normal - no amnesia or dementia and am ready to take you with me along the afore mentioned First Stage 8 / ' 59 - 5 / ' 61 - let me catch my breath and I am sure you also need to get away from me for a while - see you soon !


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