1959 - 1962 - I am now MS General Surgery

Posted March 19, 2014 from United States

My life as a Postgraduate student of General Surgery ( MS - Master of Surgery - General Surgery ) cum Tutor in General Surgery , Andhra Medical College / King George Hospital / Andhra University , Visakhapatnam , Andhra Bhaarath from August 1959 to April 1962 , was a three year tumultuous period , 3 years of hectic activity , sometimes frantic yet ecstatic , days without proper nourishment , at times sleepless nights , periods of exhaustion , times of exhilaration , occasional jubilation . First two years 1959 - 1961 I was totally involved in General Surgery and during the last year 1961 - 1962 I was Tutor in Anesthesiology and immersed both in Anesthetics and Surgery . During the entire three year period my day started at 7.30 AM , first making my own rounds of surgical wards - Men , Women , Children , Isolation , and Specialty wards - writing case sheet notes , dressings , suture removals , following instructions written down by senior staff , being nice to nursing staff and all round being a hard worker with all sincerity at my command . Twice a week outpatient clinic work , taking notes , assisting all my seniors and attending to my Boss in his work , twice a week operating rooms , first as a spectator , then as a second assistant , gradually promoted to being first assistant and finally allowed to do surgery under expert supervision . Then daily follow up rounds with my seniors , assistant professors and with Professor me standing well back . My duties as Tutor involved keeping an eye on first clinical year MBBS students , marking their attendance sheet , occasional guidance , and me as A PG student myself , attending to lectures by Assistant Professors , my Own Departmental Professors and some times visiting professors from Madras . Within our own department we were involved in group discussions , surgical cum journal club meetings , presenting papers , when time permits going to the library and go through voluminous books of Surgery . Then after about three months Professor summoned me to his sanctum sanctorum and ordered that I should do dissertation ( Thesis as required by University ) on Lymphadenopathy ( enlargement of lymph nodes ) with special emphasis on Cervical Lymphadenopathy ( enlargement of lymph nodes of neck - submental , submandibular , anterior&posterior jugular , pre&post auricular ) , and I need to make 5 copies , submit for approval one by the department , one to the university , one to the external examiner . one to the college library , and one my own copy , all this to be completed within the next 18 months , all this in addition to what I have already been doing and also weekly 24 hour in hospital duty and everyday evening rounds between 6PM and 7PM and if necessary get in touch with my seniors , Assistant Professors , and even the big man himself depending upon the seriousness of the situation . Now looking back to that era more than 50 years ago I am surprised how I survived that stress and strain , but I did overcome being in my late twenties . By April 1962 , I was ready with my Thesis which has been approved and commended , I could do on my own all Abdominal Gastro-intestinal surgical procedures , Femoral & Inguinal Herniorraphy , Thoracotomy , Cranial Burrhole for extradural hematoma evacuation , Orthopedic procedures , some urology and overall satisfactory general surgery covering most branches and I was fortunate in addition to becoming adept as an Anesthesiologist - Spinal , General , Endotracheal , Ambulatory bag assisted and controlled respiratory after curarization ,all of which will be a boon to me in future both in India as well in UK ( but I did not know this at hat time - I told you I keep going back and forth - you have to put up with my way of going about writing of my own life story , my privilege ) - Now The Great News April 1962 My Master of Surgery Examination Result Is Declared And I was informed That I Have satisfied two External Examiners Professors Chalapathinaidu and Ramanamoorthy gaaru , and two Internal Examiners Professors Krishnamoorthy and Sundararaamamoorthy gaaru , and my own Professor Lingam Sooryanaaraayana gaaru , I Doctor Balakrishna Murthy Ramaraju MBBS will henceforth be MS Master of Surgery General Surgery Andhra University Visakhapatnam which was registered by Andhra Medical Council April 1962 Gazette Notification as Doctor Balakrishna Murthy Ramaraju , MBBS , MS General Surgey and eligible for promotion as Assistant Professor - let us wait and see what Assistant Professorship is waiting around the corner , but for the present at the age of 28 my head is in clouds with my feet firmly on ground and I have achieved something which none of my family members ever expected that I am capable of something - for generations past in my family I am the first Post Graduate , but believe me I am neither arrogant , nor head strong except I am happy for myself , a little indulgence on my part - let me enjoy my glory and wait for me if you will .


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