1962 I Am A General Surgeon

Posted March 23, 2014 from United States

Now the dust has settled . Exhilaration , excitement , joy , jubilation have abated . Reality is creeping in . April 1962 I am A Master in General Surgery , MS Andhra University . Now I am A Surgeon . I had A Dream and now it has come to fruition . When did all this start , way back in 1949 and now 1962 , thirteen long years of trials , tribulations , struggles , ultimately success . Way back in 1949 it was my Doctor Father's wish that I also should become a Doctor , follow His footsteps and take up His Family Practice , so the medical journey started in 1949 , three years of premedical education culminating in 1952 as me An Undergraduate MBBS medical student . My Doctor Father has seen me as a medical student in 1952 but could not wait to see me graduate six years later MBBS Andhra University in 1958 . From 1958 one year waiting , me dreaming to become A Surgeon and getting qualified to be admitted as A Post graduate student in Master's Program General Surgery from 1959 to 1962 and now my first dream bore fruit in April 1962 I became A MS General Surgery Andhra University , I had several more dreams to realize , I will come to them in due course , some fruitful and some not so , I can't win them all , but don't find fault with me I a lifelong dreamer and even today at 79 plus I have dreams . So for 13 long years Life has been one of hardship , struggle for existence financially , intellectually , academically , but in spite of all those agonizing pains Life Has Been Beautiful . I obeyed my Father , fulfilled His wish but could not take up His Family Practice as I had lost all round support and had to stand on my own two feet and face the world all alone and go forward where no member of my family has gone before me . I obeyed my Father and married the girl he chose for me , never had any idea of love , no idea of romance , no idea of dating , no idea of courting all those only in romantic novels not for me I had no time nor any inclination except to obey my Father and I am happy to say I have no regrets after 58 years of married life . Let me go back to April 1962 , now I am MS General Surgery and also me a father of two sons as on April 1962 , now in 2014 one son is an Engineer in Boston , Massachusetts , USA , and the second son Is A MS Surgeon , Hepatologist , Gastroenterologist , A Member of Liver Transplant Team all in University of Rochester Medical Center , Monroe County , Rochester , New York , USA . Okay so what about me in April 1962 - I was congratulated and blessed in Visakhapatnam by My Andhra Medical College Principal Professor Pinnamaneni Narasimha Rao , ENT , My King George Hospital Superintendent Professor VS Raghunaathan MD , HOD Surgery Professor MahankaaLi Krishnamoorthy MS , and my own Professor of Surgery Doctor Lingam Sooryanaaraayana MS . Friends I am Happy To Inform You All That Now I was promoted from Tutor in Surgery/Anesthesiology to the Position as ASSISTANT PROFESSOR of PEDIATRIC SURGERY in the same Institution under the supervision of Doctor SS REDDY , MS FRCS and a new dream started germinating and we all have to wait to see what it is , but for now as on May First 1962 I am Assistant Professor cum Pediatric Surgeon in the newly constituted first in the state a new department of Pediatric Surgery to deal with All Surgical Problems from Birth to the Age of 14 years and how is it going to be , let me take charge and will come back and let you know I promise ! AnasooyaAthreyaSeshaAnjaneyakrishna

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