For four and a half years I had Academically and Professionally very satisfying stay as An Assistant Professor of General Surgery / Anaesthesiology and General Surgeon at the newly established Medical College at Kakinada on the east coast of India .I was completely engrossed full time in teaching medical students , nurses and other paramedical personnel , as well my duties as A General Surgeon of elective as well emergency surgeries of all ages from neonates to geriatric age group . In addition I had the onerous task of training residents , supervising nursing and paramedics . I also shouldered the burden of Hospital Administration . In my personal life I was already a father of two sons and during this 4 and half year period I had two more children both daughters and financially a burdensome period of trying to balance my professional career as well of being father of four children , but I did manage all by myself with no help from any quarter and now looking back I am surprised how I could manage that burden and survive a most active period of my life me being in my thirties . In spite of all that hectic burdensome activity , I did not forget my ambition to go to United Kingdom and to become An FRCS - Fellow Of Royal College Of Surgeons . During early months of 1967 I wrote to my state government to grant me permission to go to UK on a study leave for three years and also I sent a missive to British Embassy in New Delhi requesting for permission to work and study in UK . To my pleasant surprise I received employment cum student visa from British Embassy in the first week of November 1967 with a stipulation that I should be in London before end December 1967 ; I forwarded a copy of this to my own state government in Hyderabad and immediately I was granted study leave with loss of pay but a guarantee of continuity of service without a break provided I executed a bond with an assurance that I will come back to my own state and join the Government Medical Service which made me beg several of my relatives to be my guarantors which they grudgingly obliged and for the rest of my professional life they constantly reminded me of what they have done even though they have not incurred any financial burden except a legal formality on their part . So friends I am getting ready by the end of November 1967 to leave my station of Assistant Professorship of Surgery at Kakinada and as you can see there is not enough time to say adieus , bid farewells , take leaves and I had to hurry up , book flight by Air India from Chennai ( Madras ) to London and make arrangements to travel by train from Kakinada to Madras and inform relatives to see me off along the route , which it will be a pleasure to describe in my next chapter soon enough - first let me get all my things in order . Meet me on my way !


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