Now I am in Madras ( Chennai ) a Transit Passenger on my way from Bhaarath to Britain . I alighted in Madras ( Chennai ) from Circar Express from Kakinada on Thursday 7th December 1967 and was in transit for two days , that is Thursday 7 and Friday 8th December 1967 . Let me step back . As soon as I was freshened up I made a bee line to my travel agents ' Trade Wings ' located on Mount Road ( Anna Salai ) and confirmed my Flight by Air India International Maharaja scheduled for Saturday 9th December 1967 and courtesy of Trade Wings I dispatched a cable telegram to my would be benefactor Sri Karri Sathi Reddy gaaru in Preston , Lancashire , England informing Him of my Air India Flight Number and arrival time at Heathrow Airport London hoping for something helpful . Then I made a visit to British Deputy High Commission and for the first time spoke with a stiff upper lip Englishman , a clerk obviously but for me at that time seemed to be a very important official and sought and obtained assurance regarding my employment cum study visa . My travel itinerary is 10 PM IST Saturday 9th December 1967 Madras ( Chennai ) - Bombay ( Mumbai ) - Cairo ( Egypt ) - Zurich ( Switzerland ) - Orly ( Paris ) - Heathrow ( London ) Sunday 10th December 1967 One PM GMT . Back in my hotel to rest , relax , and to take a breath . Friday 8th December I was in the portals of Reserve Bank of India Lal Bahadur Sastry Road and obtained A Foreign Exchange of THREE BRITISH POUNDS STERLING courtesy of Indian Government ( how does anyone expect me to survive with Three Pounds , I had no idea only hope that destiny will take care of everything when the opportune time arrives ) . Saturday 9th December 1967 I spent time doing some shopping suitable for stay in England and restless hours full of apprehension and trepidation regarding what future holds but seeking solace in the company of my family during those few hours before my eventual departure . Transit stay is coming to end and friends be ready to fly with me all the way - I need your Best Wishes and Divine Blessings when I arrive at Heathrow London - let us see what happens !!!!!


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