London Part Five

Posted May 20, 2014 from United States

My Life In London Part Five – Food and Drink I was born A Vegetarian in An Orthodox Thelugu Braahman Family and I had been A Strict Vegetarian . My staple diet is rice with a curry , mango pickle , and buttermilk . But in Indian YMCA and in London in particular in those days of 1967 – 1970 Vegetarian food is difficult to get . I had to eat to survive . Breakfast is mostly bread toast or corn flakes and a cup of coffee. Lunch is a small bowl of rice with lentil soup . Dinner is some rice and curry or a scoop of mashed potato . I did manage with this frugal sustenance . London is famous for it’s pubs like ‘ Dog and Duck ‘ , ‘ Lamb and Flag ‘ , ‘ The Lamb ‘ , ‘ The Tavern ‘ , ‘ Black Friar ‘ , ‘ The Inn ‘ , ‘ Traveler ‘ , ‘ The Crown ‘ etc . One day out of curiosity I went to a pub with all trepidation and was fascinated by the buzzle and bon home . I was not used to any alcoholic drinks like Beer , Whisky etc and hesitatingly I approached the Bar Tender and inquired whether he has Any Soft Drink and his answer ( even today after nearly 50 years I remember so well ) was ” You Name It , I Got It ” and so pleased I was with that beautiful flowery response , I requested for A Glass Of Orange Juice . I must confess over the next three years of my stay in England ( 1967 – 1970 ) I did occasionally have a glass of beer , but that was very infrequent . Now coming to food one day in my outing ( mark my word Outing not Dating ) I went to Lords Cricket Ground to see a cricket game and I ate without knowing A Burger bought from a street vendor and never again I made that mistake and later on in 1971 when I was back in Bhaarath I made amends by going on penance to VaaraNaasi and apologized before Goddess Mother Annapoorna . But back in England in those three years of my stay between 1967 and 1970 I confess I did eat Fish and Chips most famous British Dish and once or twice Tandoori Chicken . Now I did confess and back in Bhaarath from 1971 on wards to this day 2014 I am A Vegetarian 100 % and for a few years even A Vegan not touching any animal product like milk , cheese , butter etc . But now for the past ten years from 2004 on wards I am A Vegetarian not even An Ovarian . But in England I am A Survivor and a strong believer in the axiom ‘ Be A Roman While In Rome ‘ so I tried to be A Britisher in Britain . In Britain the dietary habits are as Very Heavy Breakfast , frugal lunch , and at night depending upon one’s taste it will be in an ascending order either A Supper , or A Dinner , or A Feast . But in Paris breakfast is very meager which I experience while visiting Paris for three days later on . So there you are I confessed , bared my soul before Human and DIVINE and hope that future destiny will look at me kindly with all understanding compassion and affection – so must be all of you ? AnasooyAathreya-SeshaAnjaneyakrishna

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