My Life In England 1967 - 1970 Part Six

Posted May 24, 2014 from United States

During those years of my stay in England from December 1967 to November 1970 , I had to focus all my energies at what I am doing in obtaining my FRCS degree and my profession as a Surgeon . My thoughts constantly go back to my family whom I had to leave at my last station of Surgical career in Bhaarath and that was in Kakinada , East Godavari District , care of an elderly Braahmin couple Srimathi and Brahma Sri Mothadaka Sathyanarayana gaaru who were kind enough to take care of them till my family had to move with reluctance on my part to in law's place at Palakol West Godavari District . It was not a happy move but what can I do however much I wished for my family to be with me in England which I could not afford at that time for lack of resources , apprehension of living conditions in a foreign land , uncertainty about my prospects in England , fear of unknown , all forces combined to force me in leaving my family behind . Now with a hind sight I regret that decision and it would have been better if I had taken my entire family to England and faced the consequences come what may . But it is now all water under the bridge and it is one of several missteps that I took in my eight decades . As I already remarked life is like a flowing river with precipitous waterfalls , floods , droughts and at times placid smooth flow . I did my best I think so given the situation at that given time , may be it is of divine purpose and predetermined and to some extent may be I alone am responsible . That is what happened which I can not undo at the present . So let me get back to that period of 1967 on wards regarding my life in England and I will be happy to share with you and it is up to you to take it at it's face value provided you have the time and inclination and my only request is not to judge me in any way which may be harsh because I am sensitive and can not stand any emotional backlash at present - so be it hakuna matata , my motto be happy not to worry . AnasooyAathreya-SeshaAnjaneyakrishna

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