Guntur 1970 - 1975

Posted July 8, 2014 from United States

Back In Bhaarath and My Life From December 1970 To December 1975

July 8, 2014 at 6:58am

I am in Guntur my birth town back from my sojourn in England and in December 1970 I was posted to Government General Hospital Guntur and from December 1970 to end of December of 1975 I was assigned several kaleidoscopic variety of duties , a plethora of functions that embraced a broad spectrum of professional , social , administartive , and VVIP duties starting as Casualty Medical Officer , Physician taking care of all kinds of Emergencies , Surgeon managing variety of Accidents , Medico-Legal Problems , In charge of welfare of Employees - Civilian , Police Personnel , Workers , Prisoners , and as a phycian in attendance accompanying CM , Governor , PM , President - Administarive duties as Officer in charge of OP , Dispensary , Medical Stores , Pharmacists , Subjail - a period of five years of satisfaction for all excepting me and then as 1971 dawned my career took a turn for the better . So I have overcome a five yearperiod of disappointment , stress , strain and financial all so native to work environment in India - I will return soon to talk about that satisfactory turn in my professional career - first the worst is over , then the best will follow - I am Krishna Athrison .

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