Dawn of 1976 saw my professional career take a turn for the better . During last week of December 1975 I received orders promoting me as Deputy Civil Surgeon and Pediatric Surgeon Guntur Government General Hospital in the rank of Assistant Professor Pediatric Surgery ( Independent In Charge ) Guntur Medical College , in which post I had a good professionally satisfactory career for two years up to end of 1978 . I started the department of Pediatric Surgery , organized it without anyone breathing down my neck . I performed all varieties of pediatric surgery - gastro intestinal , colo rectal , urological , facio maxillary procedures leaving out cardio thoracic and neurological procedures to the care of respective specialty departments . Academically also I had a very satisfactory sojourn taking part in conferences and presenting papers concerning surgical problems in children up to the age of 12 years . I was elected as A Fellow of International College of Surgeons - FICS - Indian Section and became A Vice President . Also I was active as a member of Association of Surgeons of India - ASI both at National level as well as A Vice President of Andhra Pradesh Chapter of ASI . I traveled widely all over Bhaarath ( India ) in pursuit of Academic achievement . During the same period I traveled to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and passed Examination ECFMG USA - Educational Council for Foreign Medical graduates . Overall a very satisfactory - emotionally , professionally , academically , socially except financially - two year period 1976 - 1978 and a more pleasant change took place as 1978 was coming to an end - I was very excited and you may please wait to share that moment of professional joy with me if you have the patience and time to spare - I will be back . AnasooyaAthreyaSeshaAnjaneyakrishnaAthrison

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