Who Am I ? An Explanation :- Am A Bhaaratheeya Indian American Andhra Thelugu Gunturian - RAmarAju SeshAnjaneya Family Scion A SanAthan Niyogi BrAhman - Vegetarian , at Times A Vegan Octogenarian Plus One Going On - That Is , Me An Introduction Nom de Plume Aathreya Athrison , Words Flowing From My Pen Back To Beginning My Origin - Aeons Ago Years Fourteen Billion Integral Being Of Supreme One - Eternal  Witness of Creation A Desire To Be On My Own - Everlasting One Gave Permission  So Thus My Long Journey Began - Among Galaxies , Constellation First and foremost Original Blue Print - Manidweep - Primordial World of Sakthi,Intellectual Thought Process. Next, Equally Important - KailAsh - World of Purush & Prakruthi , Perfection and Assimilation for Recycling On To World Of Wealth and Sustaining with Maintenance - World of Lakshmi & Vishnu Vaikunttham Now Actual Work Station , World of Manufacturing , Aadya Brahma Sathya Lok associated with Wisdom. A quick non=stop tour of fourteen worlds before Process Initiation I was a cosmic particle A Boson - A Neutron , A Positron , A Proton A Streaking Neutrino , an orbiting Electron - In Space All Alone  Countless Times Again and Again - Hither and Thither Blown Within Primordial Elements - By Air Oxygen , Hydrogen, Nitrogen , Purified By Fire and Helium - And Water 2 Hydrogen , 1 Oxygen To Mother Earth Down In A Droplet of Water , A Brook in a Glen A Stream , A Rivulet , A Waterfall , A Mighty River Unto Ocean That Was Final Resting Place , A Starting Point Of My Evolution Gradual Development Into A Fish , A Piscean  A Peep On To The Shore , An Amphibian Start Crawling Here and There A Reptilian Sky Beckoning , Grew Wings Fly In Sky An Avian At Times Failed , Fell Down and Frowned Upon  Rose Like Phoenix Again , Now A Quadruped , A Biped Then Lower Limbs To Walk On , and Fore Limbs For Prehension To Mother Lucy Seven Sisters Born , One Mother To Human Thus My Ancestors' Ancestor A Homo sapiens Wise One  Me BAla Krishna Murthy RAmarAju Aathreya Athrison  AnasooyAathreya-SeshaAnjaneyaVijayakrishna ATHRISON  

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Your writing seems like an explosion of words and ideas that give an overall explanation to your question. I think it is creative but also a bit confusing. I read it twice to understand some bit of it. I think if this was in the form of image poetry, it would be great. Try it!



Dear Surya : please tell me how it is confusing . If you get back I may be benefited and at the same time may be of a little help . I look forward to your response.





I'm not sure Surya received your message. In order to reply to her comment, you can click the dialogue bubble icon under her comment. When you respond to her in this way, she will receive an email notification message alerting her to your comment.

Hope this is helpful!