Jeevi and JeevAathma

Posted April 8, 2016 from United States

AnasooyaAthreyaSeshaAnjaneya VIJAYAkrishna : Srimathi Sumangali RAmarAju VIJAYAkrishna Lakshmi KAmeswari : ' Garuda PurANam ' : Transition of a human being from being a Jeevi into an Aathma - first Thumb-size ( angushtta pramaana ) then hand-size ( hastha pramaana ) JeevAathma followed by a Vaayu form ( flickering flame ) and finally into a Cosmic particle , which wandering through space becomes endowed with primordial elements and gets enveloped with five shields (Kosas) -Annamaya, Praanamaya, Manomaya, Vijnaanamaya, and Aanandamaya kosas and by the end of one year is ready to move superior worlds or to be reborn upon Earth or to undergo appropriate judgment in Narakam. During this one year offspring of Jeevi perform ' Narayana Bali ' on a daily basis - Ritual Head Bath ( Ganga snaanam ), Japam ( meditation ) Om Namaha Siva, om Namo Narayana, & Sri Maathreya Namaha : Homam ( fire worship ) and Daanam ( previously mentioned gifts of food etc ); and also during this one year period Ashes of Jeevi should be consecrated and consigned to as many Holy Rivers as one can, but most Important River Ganges in VaranAsi and Thriveni Sangam at PunyaPrayaga. - Om Saanthi - To Be Continued - ANASOOYA - Aathreya - ATHRISON - Sesha-Aanjaneya - VIJAYAkrishneswari Lakshmi KAmeswari RAMARAJU.

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