Introducing myself and my journal: Andrea Sings Again

Andrea Densley
Posted February 27, 2014 from United States

About Me: I perform as a jazz singer with a 19-piece band in the area of Seattle, WA, USA. Also, I am beginning a journey as a public speaker. I've been involved in music and vocal expression my whole life. A few years ago during thyroid surgery one of my vocal chords became paralyzed and I was unable to sing or speak above a raspy whisper. This lasted for about 2 years, and during that silent time I was reminded that the ability to speak and communicate ideas was very precious; also that singing from the heart was a blessing. Miraculously, things happened that now allow me to speak and sing. It is different than before but I am so very grateful. Now that I have this gift again I am determined to have courage and use my voice for good, for empowering myself and others.

My dear family was always supportive during my challenges. I have 6 children, and they have all grown and left home. They are wonderful people and I miss them. My husband is an employment counselor for the State of Washington. I am searching for employment to help with a recent financial setback. We have a loving and comical, 120lb Great Dane dog named Hera.

My Passions: My family, My faith-based values, Reading, Artwork, Designing Clothes, Learning about handcrafts from Around the World, Music, Writing, Chocolate truffles and Cheesecake

My Challenges: Insecurities, Disorganization, Debt, Staying committed to nutrition & exercise

My Vision for the Future: We are debt-free, I travel throughout the world giving inspirational speaches and recording music that brings joy. I have implemented a clothing manufacturing co. that is a safe, happy place that supports education and finance for women.

My Areas of Expertise: Speaking, Singing, Fashion Design, Teaching and supporting women and teens

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  • Nusrat Ara
    Feb 28, 2014
    Feb 28, 2014

    Dear friend,

    Welcome to WorldPulse! You are now part of a thriving community of women from all parts of the world. See the Online Community Getting Started Guide to learn more about networking in our community:

    Please explore the site to meet the women and also find the groups of your interest.

    I look forward to hearing your voice in the community!

    In friendship,

  • Emily Garcia
    Mar 03, 2014
    Mar 03, 2014

    Welcome to World Pulse, Andrea! It is wonderful to meet you and to hear your story. What an inspiration you are! The title of your journal, "Andrea Sings Again," brings a great big smile to my face. I am so happy you have recovered your voice and I look forward to connecting with you more here on World Pulse.

    Many blessings, Emily

  • Andrea Densley
    Mar 03, 2014
    Mar 03, 2014

    I appreciate your comments. It is nice to know I am "visible" on World Pulse. It is very new to me an I am excited to connect with many people from around the globe.

    Best wishes, Andrea