The wounds that never heal

Posted December 7, 2009 from Jamaica

Our mission at World Pulse is the empowerment of women.

However, many woman are still being disempowered in the world today. Many are being told that they are no good and they will come to nothing. Many are being told that they are the owners of men and only here to be bartered like cattle. Many are being told by institutions and goverments that they can only dress according to how they see fit and they can`t hold certain positions. Everytime a woman is told these things she feels less worthy. This can result in low self esteem and underachievement.

We are worthy human beings created in the image of god, beautiful, talented, intelligent, creative, productive, loveable and loving, important, special, and should be told so every day and given equal opportunities for growth and fulfillment. Many women around the world today are challenging these authorities, taking advantage of educational opportunities and letting their voices be heard. We must continue to uplift ourselves by believeing in ourselves. We can do it! Let`s do it!


16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence 2009

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