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When I was a child I always tried not to have any connection with internet as my mother used to say internet only makes us some kind of zombie. So, I grew without modern source of getting information. When I entered the University, I felt discomfort as all my lecturers asked us make our research papers only through internet. So, since my university years I have been involved in new technological life. I started not only to like this kind of information but also felt it very necessary. In our rapidly changing world web-life became something like bread and water. Through internet I got job, participated in a lot of conferences and if many years ago I would ask about something to others for getting information, now "Google" is my best encyclopedia. Why women should enter the internet? First of all it helps us to find information how to educate our children. We can read ideas of psychologists, how to make any kind of food. Internet shows us that woman is not only a part of the kitchen but also a social personality. It's not a secret how many women raise their voices through this modern technological machine. But the story about which I'm going to tell is stronger than the ability of raising voices and which helped me to realize the real importance of internet in women's life In Armenia more than 70 % of population can't imagine their lives without internet. 30% who don't know even switch the computer are adults of far and deep villages or towns. I met with 75-years old Arus in Gyumri (northern city in Armenia). She had a very sad story. She had losted her son after earthquake and hadn't even an information if he had died or not. She got too disappointed and thought that her son was died. Arus liked to talk to me, to tell her story, to know how is mine. One day she asked me how I got job. When I answered through announcement, she thought that I meant about announcements on printed papers. When I explained her that the source of the information was online, she got surprised. "Oh my God, how that technical machine helped you to find job. I don't believe, sorry. Times really have been changed",-she was very astonished but after few minutes she got interested about "that new world" which she just discovered: "If you could find job through that strange instrument, can't you try to find a person?",-her eyes were shining as if a liitle hope was just born in her maternal, old and sad heart.Yes, she wanted to find her son. Next day I brought my Laptop and she told some information about his son. I wrote the given information in Goggle and... What a wonder! Her son was founded and he was alive living in abroad. I rapidly found his son's number, e-mail address and after which I found him on skype. It was a too touching scene how mother and son after so many years talked to each other. Now I really realize the importance and mission of web-creators. Look, the hero of my story didn't know about existence of her son not because of ignorance but not having an information. Internet gave her that opportunity. After this story she thanked all the creators of that "Strange Machine" which helped her to find her son. Now she enters google almost every day and she decided to break stereotipes that "Internet is not for adlult armenian women". So, I encourage all the women around the world to live with modern standards as world is changing rapidly. Why not to use the online platform to be free, empowering and informated about everything....

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Hi Ani

What a wonderful story - thank you for sharing! It really does show the power that the internet can have in changing lives. I hope that Arus will be able to meet her son again someday.



I was so touched by your story of the Armenian mother who found her son! Can you believe it! How wonderful that you could introduce her to Google and the www with such positive results. I am convinced her life is now so much happier and you and the internet made that difference.

Everybody should have this opportunity, don't you think?

Best of luck annamarie

Dear Ani, thanks for helping Arus find her son. Such a lovely, good story to share of how the Internet can be used for changing lives.

Dears, in Armenia we have so much cases when relatives haven't any idea about each other if they don't know the real importance of using the internet Thanks a lot for your comments )

Hello Ani,

What a great story about Arus and her son. It really shows how the internet can affect anyone no matter what their background is like. I hope others like Arus, who live in her city and around the world decide to break the stereotype of who the internet is not for and continue to expand their horizons.


Hi Ani! Thank God you weren't one of the lazy girls; or how would life have been without you reaching out to the 'strange machine' you-re making life with today... with these experiences, have you thought about developing E-learning for a category of women in your community? I encourage you, and look forward to hearing more on how you are impacting on lives to shape minds, ideas and women's vocations.

Marah Epie Community Listener/Vocal Contributor.


What a beautiful story-- this is a great example of the Internet being used as a power for good!! I am glad that you were able to familiarize yourself with the Internet and computers through education, and apply it to your everyday life.

thank you for sharing,


Bless you, Ani, for authentically showing us different sides and attitudes toward the internet. On one hand there can be fear and mistrust (don't want to turn into a Zombie!) and on the other incredible joy and answers found!

It's clear that you took good advantage during your University years to increase your own knowledge and awareness of how the internet and electronic world could advance your life and world. It's also clear from your description of your friendship with Arus that she found in you a kind heart and listening ear. The fact that you have that trusting base together must have helped a great deal with her considering and accepting the possibility that the internet might help in her life as well. This makes me think about deepening the personal connections between mentors and mentees in order to have new knowledge take root.

I'm incredibly touched by your whole-heartedness and for using all of the skills and tools around you for connecting Arus and her son back together. YOU had the vision and sense of possibility, and the internet worked its magic from there. Thank you for both your heart and wisdom!

All best wishes from an American sister, Kristie