The cry of justice is still alive

Ani Ghukasyan
Posted April 22, 2015 from Armenia
Women in Armenian Genocide
Women and Children in genocide
Women and Children in genocide (1/7)

Dear members of World Pulse. Please, appologize me for presenting cruel reality in photos taken place in the beginning of 20-th century: I just want to inform the world about Armenian Genocide during Sultan Hamid's reign and after revolution for creating Constitutional Turkey, especially in WW1, organized by "Young Turks" part (in Ottoman Empire). The most dangerous point of the tragedy is that Turkey still escapes from the responsibility and denies the truth which can cause for other genocides. In two days (April 24, 2015) Armenia commemorates the 100-th Year of Armenian Genocide.

Armenian Genocide Museum in it's web-page writes about the photos taken by various photographers during massacres: "There are numerous photos related to the Armenian genocide taken by various eyewitnesses and included in the holdings of many archives worldwide, particularly Russian, German, Austrian, American, Norwegian, Armenian and others. Taking into account the period of the tragic events, when photo cameras were not available for everyone, especially in the war time period and in the places out of the main urban centers, those photos represent as the most important evidence of the tragedy of Armenian nation. During the WWI the Turkish government strongly prohibited taking any photos of Armenian deportees or bodies of those, who were killed or died during the death marches. Nevertheless there are hundreds of photo evidences of the Armenian genocide, which are the main visual sources of the "the first ideologically motivated genocide of the 20th century". Every year dozens of new photo materials are revealed from various sources".

Source: Armenian Genocide Museum's photos (collection from various foreign photographers, papers)

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  • Alyssa  Rust
    Apr 22, 2015
    Apr 22, 2015

    Dear Ani Ghukasyan,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. It is so important to remember those who have suffered and to continue to recognize the Armenian Genocide. There has been a lot of movement around the Armenian Genocide this month, Genocide Awareness Month, with many advocacy nonprofits calling for the Armenian Genocide to officially be recognized and remember. Although the photos are heart breaking it is important for everyone to learn about the past and remember these events as we move forward. I read a really good article about this and have posted the link to it if you or anyone else is interested in reading more about this topic. Thank you again for sharing this as it is important for all of us to remember and be aware as the 100th Year approaches.

    Sincerely,  Alyssa Rust