We are strong

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Posted April 14, 2013 from Uganda

You are not as bright You will not manage…… You are not a boy You are a girl……. You are supposed to do your chores You are not supposed to play until your chores are done. These are the voices I heard growing up. The voice within me kept me going I knew that one day I would become somebody I knew that carrying negativism with me was no good I knew that I would be the change for the rest And today I fight for the girl child I fight for gender equality I fight against gender based violence I have a dream…………. That one day women shall be free Free from all injustices That is the world I know will one day come to pass…. I continue in this noble fight for the girls and women who have no hope I AM WITH YOU MY SISTERS. WE SHALL OVERCOME. WE ARE STRONG

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