International Womens Day #balanceforthebetter

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Posted February 22, 2019 from Uganda
Building a Gender Balanced World
We are having a WhatsApp discussion on how to build a Gender balance world and we have Adanna from Inspireitonline as our moderator for this discussion. We shall hear women's and men's experiences from different parts of world on how we can level the field for both genders. In collaboration with the different women led organizations we want to have these views and voices documented for future reference.
Better the Balance better the World
Better the Balance better the World : Edison Kakuru, a second year student at Makerere University studying Education, is pledging to take action to ensure that we have a gender balanced World. What is your Pledge this women's day. #IWD2019 #Betterthebalancebettertheworld #Genderequality #Genderdisparity (1/2)

Sowing Seeds of Tumaini in collaboration with Inpireitonline, World pulse, Kyusa, Safy and Yetu all women led organizations plan to have the following activities to celebrate International Women's Day 2019. 

1. Prior to International Women's day we shall reach out to women who have over come hurdles in life but have still been successful. We shall document their experiences to understand the daily struggles of women.

2. We shall have pictures of both men and women taken with selfies cards which have this years theme of #balanceforthebetter

3. We shall also ask both men and women prior to the WhatsApp discussion to write about what women's day means to them 

4.  We shall also have discussions with women in the villages to get their perspective on what women's day is all about and also educate them on the World pulse platform.

5. We are going to having all these voices documented and used as an advocacy tool and we shall share this on various social media platforms. 

The WhatsApp discussion is taking place tomorrow on women's day from 10am to 11am Ugandan time. To be part of this discussion please join using this link

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Dawn Arteaga
Feb 22
Feb 22

Hooray Anita! Love seeing your plans here! So exciting. The banner looks great! I can't wait to hear how many people you draw in.

Thanks Dawn.

Corine Milano
Feb 22
Feb 22

Fabulous, Anita! This is amazing. I love seeing you and Adanna together on this banner! I hope some of the women you outreach to will join World Pulse and begin to share their stories as well. Thank you for this work to unleash the voices of women in your country!

Thank you Corine. Yes we want to encourage them to join this beautiful space with great women.

Tamarack Verrall
Feb 22
Feb 22

Anita, This is wonderful! And powerful to see you and Adanna teamed up with such great plans. Seeing the partnering of these groups and the ways that you are creating new stories, documented stories, involving men to express their thoughts, and using the info gathered for future work, Wow! I am inspired and excited to know how it all turns out.
Congrats dear sisters,
Much love,

Thank you so much Tamarack,
It because of women like you that we are inspired to spread the good word of World Pulse. We shall keep posted. But you are welcome to join since its a WhatsApp discussion.

Hello, Sister Anita,

Wow! You’ve brought together women groups for this IWD activity. Bravo! Great ideas especially you’re bringing men into the picture. What a great lineup of activities. I’m looking forward to reading your IWD updates!

Thank you for sharing!

Thank yous Karen for the encouraging words that keep inspiring us. We shall keep you posted on the progress but you can join us for the WhatsApp discussion on that day as well.
Stay blessed

That's great! What time would that be? Please send me your WhatsApp number just in case. Thank you, Anita!

Feb 23
Feb 23

Hi Anita,

It looks like your IWD event is coming along beautifully and I'm so glad that you are able to collaborate with Adanna and all these amazing organizations. Can't wait to hear more about it and how it goes on the actual day. I'm sure I'll see updates on FB, too. Good luck. I'm sure it will be amazing, though!

Hi Jill
Yes thanks to you and Adanna. Thank you so much for the encouragement that has kept us moving forward.
Stay blessed

Feb 28
Feb 28

Hi Anita:-)

You're welcome! You, too, dear:-)

Isabella Unzia
Feb 24
Feb 24

Dear sister what can I say, best of luck. Indeed we need a gender balanced world. Keep up the spirit.

Hi Isabella,
Thanks for the encouragement and I hope you will join us on that day since it is a WhatsApp discussion. But we can also organize to meet since we are in the same area code. Will inbox you.

Juliet Acom
Feb 26
Feb 26

I am definitely joining.
Thanks for sharing.

Yeeeeeyaaaaayyyyyy Juliet looking forward to hearing your voice. Will inbox you soon.

Juliet Acom
Feb 28
Feb 28

:) Thanks

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