About Me: My name is Gloria ,have a great thirst for for social justice and equality in our community , i have taken a deliberate measure to identify myself with the Deaf community ,i want to see a beautiful world ,happy faces and real development taking place without racial ,tribal ,religious,or disability difference .i view all as Human with one common need to love and be loved and enjoy life .

My Passions: Empower the deaf

My Challenges: Net work and finance

My Vision for the Future: to see the deaf fully utilize the potential in them and take charge of their own lives

My Areas of Expertise: Community Development

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it is very unfortunate in Kenya we have at least 800 000 deaf people most of them leaving below the poverty line ,among this very few who have an access to internet or newspaper in an era where access to information is vital for growth they are left out ,it is also unfortunate to spell out that we have more than fifteen TV station and of this at least 4 are accessible through out the country making it possible for people to access the news of what is going around them ,media is generally educative ,informative ,entertaining and also where networks are built ,which means if the deaf are not meant to enjoy this benefit then they are left behind development aspects .i would love to see where this benefit are enjoyed by all this is actually not expensive is a matter of awareness ,acceptance and willingness to trust and work with the Deaf ,can we give it a chance ?

sometimes i feel like we get to busy doing to many good things and eventually loose our focus ,that is where the aspect of purpose comes in ,knowing your purpose and giving it your best ,we can be to busy touching a little bit of this and a little bit of that and eventually became busy bodies without focus ,my prayer is that i will remain to the track though at time their can be many challenges on it and enticing offer on the other side i pray that i will push for what i believe in and i will make it happen and make it what i would have loved it to be instead of running away .