My personal vision for my life is to make positive impact in the society I find myself in at any particular time, to share love and to live a purposeful life .at the moment my vision is to improve and empower the Deaf in the society through expansion of skills, knowledge and information .to see that the deaf are not alienated with what is happening around them and that they are confident enough to participate in matters of development. To ensure that the Deaf woman can enjoy her life as a woman, as a mother, as a sister, as a daughter and as a citizen .to make her realize and tap the potential that lies inside here and to strengthen her voice and share her beauty with the world without fear of discrimination .

 In Skills: improve on the existing skills among the deaf person and also train on new skills that they can use to improve their lives economically as well as socially e.g. embroidery, beadwork, design ,new farming methods etc depending with individuals capability and desire  In Knowledge: to encourage Deaf person to access higher learning education to choose and specialize on a certain field and also be in a position to access employment in the formal sector  In Access to Information: to sensitize the media especially the television on the need of reaching to the Deaf either by use of an interpreter or incorporate a deaf person.

By being a voice of our correspondent I will be in a position to sensitize the world what is happening around them and especially in the deaf world, I will be able to create awareness and trigger action not only with the Kenyan deaf but in the whole world where we have the deaf person .I will also be in a position to link the Deaf person with other Deaf person and organization in the world and create a platform where experiences ,challenges and success can be discussed and come up with sustainable solution to the their challenges . Lastly and most important I will be able to learn new method and approaches from other experienced persons ways that have worked for other countries and groups and ways that are likely to work for the current situation .

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Hi Ann Gloria, thank you so much for sharing with us your personal mission to make everyone aware of the issues that deaf people, and especially women, in society must face day to day. I can understand how one of the major issues would be just awareness that deaf people have a place in society, and that even though you cannot 'hear' them in the traditional sense, they have voices and goals and passions that do need to be heard. I look forward to reading more by you and wish you all of the luck in the world in working towards and achieving your goals. -Jennifer


Thank you for your piece and your focus on the Deaf. I have a close friend who works with the Deaf and has a similar mission in Canada as you. My brother is also deaf in one of his ears. I can feel your passion and determination in your writing and know you will make a difference in the world for many people.

Thank you again, with gratitude and appreciate for your mission!

Wishing you many Blessings,


thank very much for encouraging me and believing in my work ,please if its possible i would like you to send me the website of your friends organization that works with the Deaf in Canada ,to see what they are doing their with other Deaf persons