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About Me

I am proud to state that I have been fundraising for nonprofit organizations, large and small, for 20 years. I believe that this is a calling. I encourage people and organizations to dream them help them find the partners that want to see that dream realized. I have a deep passion for causes of all sorts, and am so inspired to see more and more women use their creativity, courage, and resilience to change the world.

I also have a longstanding love of theater and have been involved in writing plays and helping other playwrights. I have always felt it was my duty as a women writer to tell stories of women.

My Vision

I envision a world were peace is the norm, not violence...and that women shape a new paradigm of living.


All of you encouraging women to find their voice, please invest in the World Pulse movement. Encourage, mentor, and fund women.


I would love to help anyone with advice on how to build meaningful partnerships to sustain and grow their work.


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