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Currenly, my hobby consists of raising awareness among people on how everyday nutrition choices can make a difference of health. To do that I have developed a blog in my native language (Latvian) - (, I am currently involved in "Eat Smart" project (, and I would also want to keep on developing the concept in an international level - . Nowadays, heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and other health issues are among the illnesses that are the greatest killers, but very often the main reason of these issues is wrong nutrition. By developing these project I want to raise awareness among people in the society to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of their beloved.

Internet has empowered me to achieve the audience, to be closer to people who are suffering from different health diseases just by making the wrong choices in the shopping mall. Internet has helped me to find inspiration, the right people and even a new job, it has made a great difference in my personal life.

I am absolutely sure that online empowerment can lead to offline empowerment, because the Internet makes the greatest impact on the opinion of the society. By inspiring and educating people online it is possible to encourage them to be active offline.

In my opinion, the Internet is a great instrument for making a change in the way of thinking of the society thus it can make bot - a good impact and bad one as well. Women, in general, are more emotions-related and thus care more about the environment, about the health and future of the children, about diseases and overall wellness. By empowering women to act it is possible to make a change and to be the potential leader of the society's opinion.

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This is a great initiative. Africa is facing similar challenges. With the new way of life, people are eating more fast food, moving away from traditional more nutritious meals. We need to indeed show the youth the importance of a balanced diet and its great benefit to their health.

Thank you very much for your support! Yes, indeed. People face so many different health issues and even mental issues (as we know, food influences mental health as well), but mainly they don't really realize that it could be changed just by changing their eating habits. Again - thank you and if you have any suggestions or comments on how could it be possible to improve the situation, I'd be more than happy to hear about it.

Hello Annija - I am impressed with the initiative you have taken to promote healthy living and healthy choices in your country and how you have used your own digital empowerment to make this happen. Good for you!! Keep up the good fight - what you are doing DOES make a difference!

In love and peace, Terry

Thank you very much for your kind words! Yes, for a country like mine, where the IT sector and Internet itself is developed in a high level, digital solutions are quite powerful. Again - thank you! It's very encouraging!

Best wishes, Annija

Dear Annija,

Thank you for sharing your story and your process of deciding to make a difference in this world. Indeed, healthy life styles are determined by what we eat on a daily basis. I can not wait to visit your pages (using the translator, of course! lol :) Thank you a lot!

My best wishes for your projects! Peace


It was indeed an interesting article to know what possibly one can do to encourage good food habits.People know about eating good food but still they opt for fast food and finally it affect their health.Great to know that you have taken the initiative to bring about the awareness among the people to help them eat right healthy food.All the best for your plans ahead. Regards, SaritaMat

Dear SaritaMat, Thank you very much! It is encouraging and inspiring to read good words about the job I've done. It gives power and motivation to keep on working on it! Wishing you a wonderful day, Annija