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Ann Gieskens
Posted March 24, 2013 from New Zealand

How do I add one of myself to my profile? I also want to add more friends to my community. Everyone is welcome to join me, so please don't be shy and ask.

I'm glad this is a Global Community, because I can be involved with it from anywhere in the world. I'm going to the Philippines to visit my birth-father for his 70th birthday party. He is a Dutch expat Kiwi, and has lived in the Philippines for about 6 years now. It will be the first time I've seen him for 15 years. Last time I saw him he was living in Queensland Australia and my son was 2. This time I am travelling on my own. Dad told me that the Philippines is his slice of paradise and he's not going anywhere else. He is not a well man, and his partner is doubling as his care-giver, which means that they have no income other than his pension from Australia. I'm looking before I leap, but depending on what I find there, I'm moving to the Philippines to be by my dad. The only hurdle I have to jump is I MUST be self-supporting so I'm not a burden to my family over there. I want to help and support them every way I can. Which pretty basically means I need a job of some sort, so I can generate my own income.

I'm open to advice and suggestions.

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