About Me: I am a feminist in my late twenties who is keen to see the creation of true gender equality and respect for women in every sense, and the deconstruction of patriarchy. I would like to see not only the eradication of all forms of physical violence against women (and indeed all humans) but also the eradication of psychological and sociological violence against women, which occurs when society attributes womens' central criterion of value as related to sexuality, and reduces women to their bodies. I would like to contribute to efforts to find effective ways to achieve these changes. I believe this requires engaging men, and avoiding alienating them in these processes. I would also like to see women, including myself, cease internalizing our oppression and objectification and lose our senses of powerlessness. I know that achieving true gender and racial equality is a difficult struggle but I believe we can move towards these things and I am passionate about finding inclusive, effective ways of doing so and working with other people to do so.

My Passions: Conflict resolution; working on films for peace; dance; yoga; cooking!

My Challenges: impatience; procrastination

My Vision for the Future: Rather naive and idealistic: a happy world full of appreciation and free of all violence

My Areas of Expertise: Conflict resolution; mediation; dialogue facilitation

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Good to be your friend! I am happy you love this site! I am in London till early next week.Maybe we could work out a way to see if we can meet as you suggested! It would be great! I would love to hear more about your work too! Can i send you my namba? You could also send yours in the private messaging here. I am excited to learn about your work in Kenya!

Warmest regards, Leah.