I stood next to my house holding the only money I had between me and poverty, my tow children were leaning on me, they had not eaten anything since morning yet all I had was Kshs. 50/- (almost ½ a dollar). I had nothing in the house and my children were hungry, I had no idea where to start from or what to buy. I was contemplating going to my cousin to ask for some money, but I would spend 20/= to get there I was very scared of risking, what if I missed him?. I did not know what to expect, tears rolled down my cheeks as I imagined how helpless I was but it all changed in a minute.

I had just returned to the city after attending my mother in-law’s funeral. We had spent all we had during this funeral and to worsen the situation my husband and become sick during the funeral and was in bed. The family had suggested that he be taken to an hospital not far from our rural home while I was to give up my urban life to look after him which I was opposed to as I believe that I would do better in the city and my children were already enrolled in a city school.

As I stood wondering what to do, a neighbour, Jenipher, came to me, she was carrying a polythene bag containing maize. She approached me and said, mama Bob, someone took my white maize as I traveled from him, I am left with yellow maize which my children do not like, I have brought you some so you help me finish it fast. Do not take it negatively but I do not want to throw it to waste”. You can imagine how I felt, it was like God dropping manna for me from heaven! I looked at her for a minute before saying a word, I couldn’t believe my eyes/ears and before I answered she proceeded, “I have 100/= for you to grind it into flour.”

We proceeded to the house, I was very thankful, this was a true miracle, I had enough flour for two weeks out of this maize and even more money, I am grateful to her todate. And if this was not enough, she found my emaciated husband seated on the chair, also hungry just like the children, she was surprise as he looked completely different, she went and shared with her husband who came and accompanied us to the hospital for his treatment. He was very sick and was admitted in the hospital for 29 days.

We got food to eat and my husbands life was saved miraculously.

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This really sounds like an incredible miracle for your family to receive. A gift came just in time for you all. And to think! she might have thrown it out! Warm wishes to you and your family. Thank you, Caitlin