I use it for academic research, to search and apply for opportunities, shopping (for variety and bargains) and to keep in touch with family and friends through social media. Very important for current news. Now have opened chance for online volunteering. Limits include cost e.g. of a good phone and data cost, accessibility limited in some areas like in rural areas. Likelihood of influence on young children/ teenagers.

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Thank you for sharing about ways in and by which the internet has been useful for you. We are all learning by the day, and I am sure that you will agree with me that the internet is a very empowering tool. I am interested in learning more about what you have in mind in terms of exploring online volunteering opportunities.

While I await your response, I wish you the very best as you continue to overcome the barriers you face in making the most of the internet. You are not alone!

Thoughtfully, Greengirl

Greengirl, I want to make maximum use of internet for social and professional purposes. I have registered as an online volunteer for UNV unfortunately I for the three tasks I applied, I was not selected! I think online volunteering presents great opportunity as it is not limited by physical location, cost and time.

Dear Anyakobi,

Please don't give up your quest of exploring UNV opportunities. I can assure you that if you follow your heart and remain determined, it will be only a matter of time before the right opportunity opens up for you.

Online volunteering is one great way of maximizing the potentials that the internet offers, remain focused!

Best wishes, Greengirl

It sounds like you are in school, that's wonderful as students here in the US also use it for their academics of course.

The internet is a total necessary lifestyle for everyone, how could we do without it! By learning more we become empowered and feel connected to each other thousands of miles apart. I assure you we do think of all of you there, then of course recently with the abduction of Nigerian girls got world wide attention and action from not only our country.

You mentioned data use and costs so I hope you have the best deal for your family. Its an issue here too.

I look forward to our written exchanges over this last phase of the campaign.



I appreciate your comments. I am working and studying and it is true you have to wonder how we survived the pre- internet period. Though I admit a personal touch is always good. The increased pace of doing things such as transfer of funds at a click and the wealth of information and news available in palm held devices are major advantages that when you know of people to whom the opportunities to enjoy internet are denied because of either cost or accessibility/ availability, you realise more need to be done to deal with this new type of exclusion. The unfortunate case in Nigerian, and the longer it takes to rescue the girls an now that news has been reduced to a trickle creates fear of mass violence against girls made worse by the intention of the perpetrators to deny the girls the right to education. Best regards

Hello Anyokabi,

It nice to see that you have discovered many different ways to use the internet. It is amazing how much information and opportunities are now available to us. I hope the costs become more affordable and accessibility becomes less of an issue. I wish you the best as you continue using the internet to seek opportunities to communicate to the rest of the world.


Yes, the internet can also be used to spread awareness, raise concerns and gather like-minded people togeher to support for causes and suitable for internet savvy individuals, those who are internet activists.