April Spreeman
Posted August 1, 2009 from United States

I am on a quest to figure out what kind of spirituality I am going to follow right now. Culturally I am a Christian, but I do not believe everything in the bible any more. I already know that my grandparents are rolling in their graves over this. I certainly know my mother and every other person who I know who is Christian would freak out. I know this, because I used to be the same way.

I read some stuff on Wicca, but I really do not care for it. It just does not suit my fancy. I mean, I like to hang out with a very good friend of mine who is Wiccan, but Wicca is just not for me. Perhaps I should meditate a bit. Maybe God will speak to me and lead me in the right direction.

I might even start reading about philosophy. If I understood my own personal philosophy more, then I think I would be able to go in the direction I need to go.

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  • Sunny_sunshine_cloudy_Mina
    Aug 01, 2009
    Aug 01, 2009

    I guess everyone needs something to believe in. I believe in a goddess. The sun goddess to be exact. Meditation will take time and concentration. Also, if you'll try meditation, you have to be PATIENT! Yep. Um, write me if you want.... I hope I didn't sound to weird..

  • JaniceW
    Aug 01, 2009
    Aug 01, 2009

    dearest April, If you are interested in Philosophy, you might like to check out Stanford University's Encyclopaedia of Philosophy which is available online for free. The topics range from moral motivation, ethics and empathy, to concepts of God, divine freedom and illumination (look for the latter three under "Divine"). You can find their table of contents at: http://plato.stanford.edu/contents.html#e

    I find it a rich source of material that invite me to reflect on my beliefs, the foundation of my beliefs and question why I believe what I do, whether from a emotional, philosophical, moral or faith perspective. I find the articles wonderful for both inspiring and stimulating thought. If you are on the go a lot, they also have podcasts which you can find at: http://itunes.stanford.edu/

    I think this is an exciting journey for you to take and who knows where you will end up, but enjoy the view along the path. You'll be amazed at what you see and find. With best wishes, Janice

  • Lesley
    Aug 03, 2009
    Aug 03, 2009

    Hi April I follow a goddess path, but would not regard myself as wiccan (although sometimes celebrate Sabbats with wiccans). My path/spirituality is earth-centric (which much of wicca is also) but I don't do/am not into high magick as they sometimes are. I regard myself as a witch because I am earth-focussed and follow the wheel of the year (seasonally) and believe in Goddess, as mother and also as "in me" - I think you don't necessarily have to give yourself a label, you can pick and choose from religions/spiritual paths where there is synergy - be an eclectic! Once you start to open yourself to the world of possibilities, you will find something that resonates with you. Blessed Be! Les

  • Yvette Warren
    Sep 20, 2014
    Sep 20, 2014

    Hello, April. I believe in The Universal and Eternal Sacred Spirit that homo sapiens have the ability to manifest in each physical manifestation on earth. Each who chooses The Sacred Spirit exhibits the traits of full humanity: responsible, committed, compassionate action on earth. You can read more at OneFamilyManyFaiths.blogspot.com.

    From New Orleans, Louisiana, USA