Batu Rajowar-- the Mallala of Cheleyama

Prof.Arabinda Mitra
Posted October 18, 2013 from India

We were organizing a training camp in Cheleyama block in Purulia district. The camp was for Women Self-help Groups.Our mission is to put Tyrmeric in the baskets of farm-households in a dry tract. Normally ,in our previous camps males do come, seldom Women. Here it was reversed. Sima- a local organizer voluntarily came and requested me that women are fit for introducing new technology as well as new crops. At the first stroke I was hesitant. I replied "who will be the mentor". "Batu"- said sima. This was the first introduction about Batu. During the course of session, I asked " Do you know.. Budhni Majen"? The house was momentarily silenced. Then a thin girl of twenties stood up. " Yes. I heared. She was the first tribal women in India who inaugurated the Panchayets dam. ". "Then" " A deep sigh came from her . She was outcast by the community. she was displaced from job. So many harassment on her" " do you support all these dees" " No. we have voice now. " " How. "? "we 're united/ we have groups" I was charmed by her voice and sparked eyes. " Will you grow turmeric by own or male-support" "we will do our-self"

We launched our turmeric mission there. After four months I visited her cluster. It was in a remote area. I saw three kids around Batu. Batu was busy in teaching those kids. Then,I inquired and surprised that all women led by Batu grew turmeric. Batu cleaned,plowed and planted turmeric. My 1st experience that Women can be farmers is from Batu's lesson.

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