A group of sixty women have come to Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya to receive training on agriculture. They are all from unheard villages of Purulia district. Bishnu Charan Mahato- my scholar escorted them from distant places to Kalyani town. I know Purulia district well. I also know how it’s a difficult task to move women from remote villages of Purulia. However, I was excited to meet them here. In other occasions I visited,Dumurdi,Ketlapur, Para,Sagardihi and other small villages in connection with Turmeric project. Batu and her group members of Ratanpur village wanted to see me. To see my fellows, I went in the evening to Lakehall where they are staying for the last five days.

It was nice to meet them,listen to them and sharing different aspects. I wanted to know someone’s voice which could be cited . Listen to their unsung stories. I was charmed with their group activities. How do they fight within family,within villages & within societies were interesting. I wanted more and more. I asked them ,please say something on literacy extension program. I want to see your firm attitude what can inspire others. A mid-wife stood and said my example you can quote.

” whats’ your name”? -’ Phulkumari Mahato’?

-’you are from?’ ‘Dumurdi,Purulia-11″

O’K. Please say’

‘ Sir, I hailed from Ketlapur village,Para Thana. We were five sisters and two brothers. I was a school girl that time. just passed class nine. I was forced to get marry. I came to my in-lawas house as a Bouma. Next year I gave birth a daughter. After two years again a son was born. I made my husband to stop child-bearing and went through operation. I ‘m the first women in the village to dare it done. I took five years to nurse my son and daughter. They grew up. I wanted to study. I was searching where to read .Suddenly. I came in contact with nibaran Mahato& Sukumar Ghosh. They advised me to complete madhyamik from open institution. There was a need of nine hundred rupees. I had no money. I felt ashamed to ask from family. Nibaran Babu told me that I must go through some training to make sticks(Dhup) and earn. However, he agreed to give an advance of Rs.1000.00 conditioning that I have to return back after training and selling sticks. This money helped me to clear class -x. It is please to be recorded that my daughter passed X in the same year. Both of us used to read simultaneously. Again.I waited. I thought I must read more. In the year 2011, I qualified Higher Secondary examination. Sir, i want to complete my graduation. Now,I have not to depend on others for my study. I earn at least one thousand per month by selling sticks. I want my girl should study. She should not marry now. she is now a college-girl. My son is also reading in x1.’

I was be-moved by her story. really Phulkumari is great.


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Phulkumari's story is such an inspiration, thank you for sharing. We see time and time again how education brings so many benefits to a woman and to her family. The world is waking up to this truth!

I'm wondering if you would be able to post the text and photos into the body of the journal here, rather than as an attachment. That way more people could be able to read her story quickly. Let me know if you would like some assistance in that regard.

Thank you for being here! I look forward to more stories like this from you.

Scott Beck

I've posted the text and photos in for you this time. In the future, you just need to copy-and-paste the text into the body of your journal. You can then attach photos just like you did with the Word document.

Good luck, and I look forward to hearing more. Kind regards,

Scott Beck