My dear Rafiki sisters,

It has been more than a month since my visit to Project Africa-Mombasa and since I met our Rafikis from Lunga Lunga and Godo.

I had promised to share some pictures of our Rafikis but days go by much faster than I wish. Although I haven’t shared these pictures with all of you yet, I printed them and sent them to Lunga Lunga so our Rafikis can enjoy having their own photos. I can imagin our Rafikis' faces when they see the pictures.

Now that I found a little time to chat with all of you, I am sending you the pictures in this message (with links to Picasa too) and in my next message I am sharing with you my dream to create a mobile clinic in Lunga Lunga and Godo to serve the basic health care needs of our Rafikis and their families.

In this page you can see the folder where the coordinators of the Rafiki Club, Judy and Bendettah, are keeping a copy of the letters the Rafikis write to us. Notice the difference between the first, second, and third letter in the pictures. Two of the pictures are of Annah's letters to Elsie. You can see the tremendous improvement from Annah's first letter and her fourth one. Since then, Annah has kept improving and improving in writing, reading, speaking, and understanding.

To see the pictures from our Rafikis in Lunga Lunga go to this link:

To see the pictures from our Rafikis in Godo go to this link:

I hope you enjoy them. Blessings for all of you dear Rafikis from around the world. Ara

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Dear Sister Araceli,

Oh my God!! this is so powerful and beautiful. I can imagine that is what all the women said when the received the photos you sent them. Judy has informed me that the photos arrived and they were so so happy.

This posting for me has really enlightened to know how the process of writing letters is in the villages. I have not been there yet to see how they clubs are run. But seeing the file and the draft letters of mama Anna and others shows that the Rafiki Program is making a difference. I posted mama Anna's letter to me on the testimonies and I must agree that she has made much effort and is determined to be literate. The zealous spirit within her is remakable and should be emulated. The news I got from lungalunga recently say that mama Anna who is a Christian Catholic was given opportunity to read the first reading of bible during a mass service in her local church. She did it slowly but confidently and challenged every one present.

Project Africa, Lungalunga has established another rafiki Club and adult education class for women in the nearby Perani village. The first attendance was 30 women 23 of whom are illiterate.

We are making progress sister Araceli. Your Post is an evidence of the empowerment that The Rafiki Club brings to all of us.

Thanks a million


Oh, Ara, thank you for posting the photos. I am so happy to see Rosemary actually receiving and opening the letter that I sent to her. It is just incredible for me, since the time we have spoken and you told me you had a photo of her with the is just amazing to actually see it. It is so powerful to see the difference between the letters and what a difference it is making.

Thank you for posting these.....I am very much looking forward to move forward with you in the efforts of the clinic. Thanks again sister! Darcey

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." — John Lennon

Hi Araceli,

Thank you so much for sharing these pictures of our beautiful Rafiki sisters! Seeing the picture of Dorcus reading my letter is priceless... and now that I know what a comic she is, I will be sure to add some jokes for her next time.

Love, Jade