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children in our country

Children doesn’t have good situation, because In there de cants of war they lost their family and they don’t have sholter in these wary The children of Afghanistan became disable and some of them lost theyre parent And they haw to work hard to support their family and they shot beggar wash the Cares and other things and these persons became in future adected persons robovy and samugler.

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It is amazing that you have the opportunity to tell us about the children in Afghanistan. We are eager to learn about you. Please write to us.

Only education will make you free from war, robberies and bad feelings. Math is something you must learn. Start studying math and your life will change. It is a lot of fun.

Check out this video:

and you will see what I mean. You can also become a member of the Math Support Gals group, and begin reading a great book: The man who calculated. It talks about how math changed the life of an arab man. Go check it out in:

Where you will find many articles and you can join the group, too. We are here for you. Welcome.

Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America


It saddens me to hear about the situation for children in Afghanistan. I sense that you have a story to tell - for the children of your country. I hope that you will continue to write your thoughts, experiences and ideas here in our community. We are listening!

In friendship, Jade