The problem of women in Afghanistan

Posted April 7, 2010 from Afghanistan
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The problems of women in Afghanistan .Afghanistan women are the depraves ‎women of the world you are that women are avoided from going to school also ‎they couldn’t come up their intellectual and financial right with government and a ‎though some of women are going to come to society in some other province ‎because of hard problems that they are face with them. So they do commit like ‎this. All the people of Afghanistan should cooperate to each other for solving ‎these kinds of problems. ‎

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  • Jade Frank
    Apr 12, 2010
    Apr 12, 2010

    Dear Aref,

    Thank you for sharing some of the issues that women face in Afghanistan. The international community does not often hear directly from women in Afghanistan about what the issues are and what needs must be met to move society forward and rebuild Afghanistan with an emphasis on gender equality.

    Please share more and tell us what the specific issues are and what specifically women need to live empowered lives and have voice in development and the political process.

    We are listening and eager to hear more of your voice!

    In friendship, Jade

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