Let us come back a little bit to my past. I feel like my family and I have always lived in a lot of troubles. I was poor and my classmates did not like me. There was a time where my both parents lost their job. As we lived in my grand mother's house, after her death, my aunts and uncles wanted us to leave the house which was their inheritance... The biggest trouble was when my mother was imprisoned for two years for a crime she had nothing to do with. And the saddest was when my mother died two months after her release. Those are just examples of the troubles I have had in my life. I have to admit that sometimes I felt really tired but one thing that my mother taught was never to be discouraged, never to give up. So I believe that “failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.” And here I am today, stronger as either. I believe in a better future. Though I do not know how the future will really be but the thing I am sure of is at any obstacle, I am ready to stand tall.

Concerning my community, I want to believe in the new generation. I want to believe that they will bring change, positive change. I want to believe in peaceful and brillant future for my community. I want to believe in real justice. I want to believe in more women awaken and taking part into all of these great changes.

The first reason I wanted to join Voices of Our Future was my passion of writing, web 2.0 and citizen media. I did not have the opportunity in my life to really learn how to make a good writing and about citizen journalism. The time I have spent here on Voices of Our Future and Pulse Wire made me realize a lot of greater things. I loved the unexplicable nice friendship I have with all the members, the interesting experiences we have shared, the encouragement we have given one another. I have a lot to share to my community. Yet I have a lot to learn. I believe that Voices of Our Future will help me in achieving my goals. My first interest is helping my community to get knowledge and education. One of my concern is also about women in prison and how their rights are respected so no other woman can experience what my mother had. I do not know if I would succeed in this last. I would like to be the voices of my community who is still sleeping, or maybe too much silent. I believe that Voices of Our Future is the greatest way to start.

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Dear Ariniaina, wonderful post with deep impact on me. I admire your courage. You are a really strong woman and I think you put into action and live very actively what your mother told you: never give up! I fully agree with you that failure has nothing to do with falling down but is the refusal to get up. Sometimes, when life hits us really hard and we fall deep, it is hard to put all our forces, energies and strenghts together to be able to stand up. But no matter how hard it is, we make it. Everyone of us experiences moments of really deep falling, but I can say that it is possible to get up and stand tall. And you are a perfect example for it. I like your vision for the future and I wish you all the best to be able to put it into action. Keep on implementing your writnig as well as the effort of implementing education within your community. You are real inspiration! Peace to you Eliana


Hello Lalatiana!

You are an AMAZING woman with such love, courage and vision to inspire other women to stand tall, stand up and believe in the possible, not the impossible. There are unimaginable hardships in life and injustices which can not stay silenced and deserve a chance for hope - your vision to make this happen in your community is powerful. I look forward to cheering you on and keep faith in yourself and the vision you create!

With gratitude,

Linda Ando

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Hi Your continued strength and positive outlook after so much strife in your life is inspiring! Keep your voice strong and you will indeed help the new generation bring positive change!

In partnership with you, Marti