About Me: From intellectual standpoint, I am referred to as a gender specialist but I am just a woman committed to the emancipation of down trodden women especially in the rural areas where VAW is practiced with impunity under the watchful eyes of "cultural" gatekeepers!

My Passions: women issues

My Challenges: stifling partriachal environment!

My Vision for the Future: a future wherea woman is taken for what God has made her to be; a human being who shares equal status with the male gender

My Areas of Expertise: gender issues, VAW,

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Dear Aririeri-nwanyi-

Welcome to World Pulse, where you will find many with the same mind. We strive to change attitudes and actions in the area of women's equality. Your expertise is appreciated here.

We look forward to your first journal entry as well. You can write a short piece on a passion or vision, or write about an experience or situation you would like to share with fellow women. We would love to hear how you heard about WP, and what drew you to the organization. Other WP members will see your entry under the 'voices rising' tab, and can comment or reply.

Be sure to check out this link for many other ways to be involved with WP: http://worldpulse.com/pulsewire/about/guide

You may want to explore the WP site to see what is going on and ways to take action. I have found the quickest way to enter into this community is to click on the "Voices Rising" link, which is under the "PulseWire" tab near the top of the screen. From there you can easily access and read journal entries, and perhaps make a comment in reply. In order to add people to your community, click on the person's name. You will be taken to their profile, and can click on the 'add to my community' link under their photo.

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