Giving a voice can salvage women’s lives

Arpita Palit
Posted April 29, 2010 from Bangladesh

“Take the blinders from your vision Take the padding from your ears And confess you have heard me crying And admit you have seen my tears” (Maya Angelou) Almost every woman cries for being free from the discrimination chain, the y have been holding trials since they neglected and exploited by their societies. However, their agonizing and hardship troublesome have become their misfortune. Their struggle is for being free, getting an autonomy, governing own life, and leading an unrestricted life. Moreover, women are struggling not only for leading a life with serene and peace, but also making others realizes that without women the approaches for being developed a nation won’t be effective. Even though in the battle of getting freedom somewhere some women have given up their lives in to termination, their protestation is not quit at all. Their expostulation is being existed within me and in those women who are trying to get the right to say their needs, to have a voice, to cut the barricades of inequalities. Their termination and remonstrance somehow someway give ways to us to struggle. We, women, struggle to get the basic rights of integrity and autonomy, to vote, to hold public office, to work, to get fair wages or equal payments as men, to be treated by others as human not as slaves, to own property, not to be deprived, to get education, to know about the world, to express our feelings, thoughts, emotions and demands, to lead life in own ways not to be controlled by men. Now the women’s economic condition is substantial but acknowledged by the society. Even though culture can be differ from country to country. Women’s contributions are being denied in most of the Asian countries. For example, in Bangladesh, almost 70 percent women are in small cultivator and landless households; many work as laborers part time or seasonally, begging and other income sources. Such as garments factories, a huge number of women work as laborers and in their ways to factories they victim of eve teasing, trafficking or acid throwing. Why women have to suffer these sorrowful lives? Even though they work for their survival, they cannot get the rights to be esteemed in their workplaces as like as men. “Women do one thirds of the world’s work, receive 10% production” (Richard global problems and the culture of capitalism (allyn and bacon household, women in the core 1999) p354 Basically, it states that though more than half of the population of women involve in work, they only get a less amount of income of world’s income. So, it can be said that women are deprived not only in Bangladesh, but also all over the world. Now the question is why they are deprived to get an equal payment as equal as men? According to my perspective, the answer is lacking power to express their demands. Even not only in Bangladesh, but also in Nepal. I came to know from my roommate, who is from Nepal, that women are being target of traffickers who deceive women promising to give jobs and transfer them to brothels where they are being target of sexual or physical harassment, torture and rape. As I always want to know about women in different societies. From my personal experience I can say that girl’s child is met with less fanfare in my society and in my own family where my aunt had to give up her lives only because she gave birth a female child. Most of the Asian countries, in Arab, a female infant is buried. Even though life is changing, this creaky system in Arab is still prevails in some places. In India, a widow is burnt with her death husband. From my childhood, I always want to be a feminist leader which assists me to know about women’s agonizing lives. That’s why I was able to reveal my aunt’s who was remained silent to injustice history in the world pulse. According to me, women’s lives can be devastated if they do not have a voice.

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