I just recieved my new subscription of World Pulse and couldn't wait to sit and read it from front to back and back again!!! It fills my spirit with tears and pride to hear all the lovely stories of women from around the world making a difference. Risking everything just to share their voice, dreams, wishes and goals. To make change, build a future and grow a better tomorrow for all women.

As i sift through the magazine i can't help but to think how valuable such a publication is to this world. To think that there are so many horrible, wonderful, sad, happy, dark and bright things happening in this world that is not shown on average television channels. This publication is a support system and railroad to our future without borders and with support, encouragement and inspiration.

The many stories are heartwarming and moving. They inspire me to take charge of not only my life but my future and the future of my daughter. I have learned a great deal from these women and have taken every lesson to heart. Their words will forever be with me. I feel as if we all have something in common no matter where we are from, we are a sisterhood. We dream of the same, we wish for the same, we work hard to gain the same and we fight for the same. We are true warriors, soldiers, bravehearts... we are diligent, hungry, strong and the foundation to this world. WE are the ones that WILL make the difference. No matter how hard they try to break us, beat us, wip us, burn us, we continue forward in the most horrible conditions... we continue to get back up on our feet.

I vow to continue in the spirit of all women to be the warrior and braveheart that you all are. That you all inspired in me. We can make change one voice at a time... one woman at a time and say farewell to silence!!!! lets be heard... we have so much to say!!!

Thank you to all those wonderful women of yesterday, today and tomorrow. May we cultivate and grow strong and blossom in the light of one another!!!


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The best thing about WP and Pulswire is the companionship and the feeling of being a part of the same community, one which is so diverse yet one.



Dear Mia,

You're such an inspiration! WP is meant to connect and get a sense of reality about women's lives in unpublished places in the world! I found World Pulse on the web and it's real ! Thank you for reading and bringing us joy.

love, Malaya


I am blessed to have found such a wonderful place to share with women from all around the world. WP has changed the direction of my lifes intentin for the better. I am at service for my community, earth and women and girls around the world. WE ARE ONE VOICE and we shall RISE AS ONE!!!

Thanks you and blessings, Mia