There is no tool stronger and more powerful than our voice!!! This letter campaign and monologue reading will bring awareness to the conditions and treatment of women around the world. Add a bright spotlight on violence against women which is something that should not be ignored. Your voice counts and can make change in this world.


I encourage all members and non members to share this with others in and out of their communities. Write your letter today and see a better tomorrow!!!

In light we all shine, in Darkness we all are silenced... share the light.

We have received hundreds of letters thanks to all the women that have so courageously supported this project … we move forward everyday share and caring for the voice of women around the world. Sharing their vision, mission, dreams and desires. Women are taking a stand and speaking about the conditions of their countries, politics, home, family and the treatment of women around the world.

Chamaca Arts announces its 2nd annual FAREWELL SILENCE ~ HELLO VOICE live Monologue reading.

Rich, brave voices of women from around the world arrive via pen to paper. Women from all over the world send in letters some anonymous and some signed off with a smile, tear and heartfelt thank you.

They creatively express current events, politics, love, abuse, growth, imprisonment, solitude, family, illness, culture and religion. A reading of the unedited letters written by women across the globe will surely touch on all emotions and create dialogue. We have so far experienced a heartfelt poem written from someone in Russia, listen to a voice crying for help from Afghanistan, listen to the pride of women in Nepal, the embrace from women in Africa and hear the tears from India.

Thank you for taking the time to read, comment and spread the word. All letters can go directly to my email address of and can be sent anonymously or signed off. There is a 2 page limit to all letter submissions. Lets unite and build a strong and aware world!!! How would they know if it is never spoken!!!

Love and light, Mia

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Dear Mia, It is of great encouragement to hear this from you. If the world had 100.000 women strong ENOUGH to stand for the rest, politically, socially, economically, technically, I am talking about the world of women, the world of change makers, the world of peace makers, the world of great entrepreneurs, the world of the STRONG and determined women, the challenge would go back to the men, they would opt to do better, competition would start Men Vs Women - for positive change, for a better world! I love this "In light we all shine, in Darkness we all are silenced... share the light"



I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.