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arunima dutta
Posted June 17, 2013 from India

GUWAHATI,INDIA Though seven per cent of women in the state are suffering from cervical cancer, there is very little awareness among people regarding the disease. Moreover, very few people turn up at screening camps organized by different organizations and hospitals.

Addressing a two-day cervical cancer screening camp organized by a city-based private hospital on Friday, gynecologist Aminakshi Dutta said, "Like breast cancer, cervical cancer is also very common among the women these days. However, very few cases are detected at an early stage. Maximum cases come at later stage due to lack of awareness."

She said, in United States, screening camps are organized after every three years but in India, they are organized annually as the incidence of cervical cancer is high.

Cervical cancer is primarily caused due to early exposure to sexual activity, multiple sexual partner, frequent child birth, unhygienic condition and smoking.

Around 20 patients were screened on the first day of the camp. She said a PAP smear is the most suitable cervical cancer test. A minimal amount is charged for the test.

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