Skill Training for deprived Women

Asim Raza
Posted August 15, 2013 from Pakistan

Traditionally, training and development was not viewed as a movement that could help youth earn “value”, “livelihoods” and successfully deal with competitive challenges. The population of Pakistan is about 1183.968 million in 2013 whereas population of Sindh reached up to the mark of 56 million by which women having half of the population, therefore, jobs and resources for employment and work has already limited in available floundering economy of country, due to traditionally gender discrimination in south asia and specially in Pakistan women having no or seldom chances of access to resources, thus the gender status in the economy is either very low paid or no paid, further they never realized that they could contribute immensely to the economic development of their family, community and country with their skillful hands. Invisible and industrious, neglected and under nourished and gender discriminated Women is the pivot on which the rural household functions. She is the one who tend sows, reaps, gather crops, cares for animals, plants herbs, and looks after the families but hardly ever recognized in the statistics of production while easily made a target of cultural malpractices which not only hurts her dignity but even take her life.

In general the word “Poverty” is defined as lack of in-adequate food or income; it has never been defined in the broader and real gender scope, as lack of access to opportunities. The Poverty is not a single- issue it has many-folded occurrences, accordingly, the poverty of opportunity is the cause, and poverty of income and food is the result, hence the strategies must focus on poverty of opportunity. Therefore realizing the current circumstances BBSYDP has planned to design a program that may address the issue of poor unemployed female and they could be integrated into the mainstream of economic activity through gainful self-employment via skill training of tailoring and garment cutting and play vital role to become helping hands of their deprived families.

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