Names of women changing with Time.

Posted January 27, 2010 from Nepal

In my childhood days, I regarded women as my mother, aunt, and sister and if I met older women anywhere, I used to have an image of my granny in my mind. Any women of my age was just like a male friend for me because I didn’t find any difference in my friends whether they were male and female. For me Sonja, Ram, Biplab or Sunita all were just as friends nothing like girl or boy. And I feel now that there was no such sexual description during those days. Gradually, with my growth, I learned more new names of women. With the analysis of my age, it was so difficult to understand the meaning of women. I am still unable to realize why it was so pleasant to learn the new name of women. It was like a first spring in my life. Falling in love, having rhythmic heart beats for someone special was such a different feeling for me. I wish I could have enough words for the explanation of such beautiful moment of my life. This part of my life has brought many changes in me emotionally.

At this current age, I have known many names of women and their respective images. I have many puzzles in my mind. I could not manage to find a proper image of a woman because I still have the names of females who are my mother, sister, granny, ex-girlfriend, someone’s wife, friends, and others, with whom I am not familiar. I have also known females suffered by husband, cheated, betrayed by their guys. Overall, I must say that all women are same having sentiments for someone especial and suffering as well.

Later, I learned a new name of women as a heart broker. Before, I had experienced such innate sentiments but now it’s just the opposite of my past. The new name of woman fears me always and I keep myself in the position of waking up from a very scary dream. This phase of understanding women was worst and the method of learning names of women still continues with the time.

With the time, life leads me in a different path and I came to know woman as whole.They are kind, softhearted, and carefree and are matured enough to find out their respective places. They play different roles are the same time such as a woman can be a mother, a wife, daughter in law, sister, and a friend as well. DOES A WOMAN JUST ACT DIFFERENTLY WITH THE AGE OR IS SHE BOUND TO PLAY ALL THE ROLE SATISFYING AND PROVIDING EQUALITY IN HER RELATIONSHIPS. I feel that we need to justify them because they are the ones who manage to play many roles at the same time. We need to leave the decision on her hand in order to play the dramatic role in her life rather then enforcing them into any role.

Being a male, after passing through such phase in my life, I thought all women are heart-broker, greedy and are only concerned about their benefit. Then I ask myself if I’m right or wrong? I do have my mother as goddess and sister as my teacher who always listen, trust and understand me. There are still other name women who are good to know and being with them is so comfortable. So, if I judge a woman as heart-broker, I ensure myself that I am completely wrong because a single woman can’t be taken as a whole.

In general, when a man suffers due to a woman, then they call them names and selfish but at that time, we forget our dear mother, sister, and friends who are always with us.If we blame women, then we need to speak for only the woman who gives suffering and pain to us. So, all women are not the same. Just a simple question helps us to find out the answer. “Have we hurt someone?” We can get the answer easily. If yes then, we ourselves can find some genuine reason behind hurting anyone. Blaming and hurting others doesn’t make you happy. We need to rethink before doing so.In conclusion, a woman remains just a woman till we don’t get familiar with them. Every thing in this world has two parts. And it depends on us either we choose the darker side or the brighter side.

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  • Jade Frank
    Jan 27, 2010
    Jan 27, 2010


    Thank you for sharing your interesting thoughts on women and where to place your hurt and anger. It's interesting because as women - I think many of us have similar issues regarding men. If we are hurt, abused or taken advantage of by numerous men, then it is easy to have a negative attitude towards ALL men, which just isn't fair because there are some really great men out there too. Like my grandfather, father, brother and boyfriend - as well as some other men I've met through PulseWire, who are champions for women's issues. And we need men to be our allies in this movement. I hope that you are an ally!

    I encourage you to join the group, "Through His Eyes," a place for men supporting women.

    Warm regards, Jade

  • astitwa
    Jan 27, 2010
    Jan 27, 2010

    thanks for you comment. I liked it. actually we all have some thing and some issue to support each other or to go against each other. how we take it and how we execute it in life thats important.

    Thanks Regards Rajiv

  • sangi
    Feb 17, 2010
    Feb 17, 2010

    Thanks for your great support for women.