Insecurity and Activities

Atifa Nahid
Posted May 9, 2011 from Afghanistan

Human being means to need. Needs are like foods, clear air, water, security, education, good economy and at the end living comfort. To have a comfort living we need to educate at first. Afghan people priority need is security, because when an afghan person go out from his/her house to earn a living or to get education he/she is feeling nervous, because he /she does not know weather he / she will see her family back or not, the suicide bombers are following him/ her every where and while. A person gets good education and earns living when her/his mind is clear from all nervousness With all these problems Afghans Institute of Learning (AIL) is trying to expand its training and learning centers to different provinces. Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) provide different trainings like peace building, leadership, women health, women rights, capacity building , teacher trainings, managements, subject matters trainings and et cetera most of the participants are women in different areas in Kabul city, and other provinces like Herat, Balkh, Bamyan, Wardak and Logar. Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) has provided some financial supports to different Women Learning Centers and Community Based Organization in these areas. These all are that the Afghan women get education and learn some about the new technologies and aware about the new developments and use them in their living, and learn handicraft to became self reliance. To have better health Afghan Institute of Learning (AIL) is providing health services and health education through its clinic and trainings. The question is that why these services are not reaching to all Afghan Peoples? The answer must be insecurity. We hope that Afghanistan becomes a secure country and all of the Afghans live in peace and dignity.

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