Entering the fight against domestic violence

Posted May 30, 2011 from France

It is the first time in my life that I am gonna work full time in what I have always wanted to work : women's rights. Since yesterday, I arrived in Bristol, England, for a 2 months internship in a charity dealing with domestic violence.

I am so thrilled by this experience that is gonna start tomorrow. It looks like I am getting closer from what I really wanna do with my life later, and it is more than exciting !

And it also looks like life is always full of surprises, as one of my flatmates told me yesterday she is working in an organization that also deals with the same issues. The world is small, as a French expression says...

I would really love to hear from anybody who works in this field, just to learn from their experience. It has been a while since I participated actively in World Pulse, but I kept these last months on reading wonderful posts and it pushes me to go on in this way.

Wishing a great beginning of June to all of you ! With a big smile despite persistent English rain

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