First, I am sorry I thought the assignment is only the poem but thanks to Delphine Criscenzo, I realized that my prime assignment is the essay so please accept my apologies for the delay :) and here we go:

Let me start from the present moment going back instead of recalling my first wake up call to my life's mission! I am today enjoying writing in my journal to you my dear readers, enjoying your comments, feedback and input. What keeps me writing in this journal of World Pulse is the continuous encouragement of the community here. I feel that we are a big family that shares the same vision. This is one of the platforms that it never pushes you backward, one of the few that had no hate speech or granted criticism. Since I started writing here, I hear no words but those of encouragement, sharing the sentiments and caring about humanity! so how can I not keep writing? how can I not be motivated to participate in the Voices of Our Future classroom and in any initiative from World Pulse?! once you build the trust in the online community you belong to and work with, there is always a driving force to support the collective work, to help by all means and to share with your network.

Though I only joined World Pulse in 2012, I tried to contribute the best I can. I am honored to have my voice reaching the UN at the 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) through World Pulse amazing team following my participation in Ending Violence Against Women Digital Action Campaign this only confirms how far we can reach with speaking up and rising our voices!

Before, my first discovery of World Pulse was through the listeners program, which I think is an essential step to be able to tell stories. Listening which something we luck in my society among other societies, we tend to force our opinions, to debate and argue for the sake of opposition which only leads to division then tension then violence... Only if we listen, understand and embrace the others opinions, perceptions and stories, we can then understand, analyze, question and collaborate! how easy is that?

This is how I reached World Pulse, by learning a lesson of listening. It not as effective as it should be if you write and nobody reads and discovers your stories. To have stories and readers for every single story is what makes the World Pulse unique for me!

My contribution here is a continuation of what I think I've been born for. I started writing poems since the age of seven, poems about the love of the nation, the respect of the mother, about Palestine and the child Muhammed El-Durrah and the passion of sharing grew up with me till it's shaped in the form of activism and duty of not only writing to share personal experiences but to share the Other experience and defend the Other's cause that I believe in regardless of ethnicity, language, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender...

Take action! This post was submitted in response to Voices of Our Future Application: Your Journey and Vision.

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Dear Aya,

Thank you for sharing your story and for encouraging others to listen! You are right that too many times we do not listen closely; we debate and argue for the sake of debating, when we should be listening and learning and sharing! Thank you for sharing your story and for reminding us of the power of listening.

Keep posting,


Congrats on your voice reaching as far as the UN! That is something to be commended for! I love that you pointed out how welcoming the World Pulse community is. I am always happy to read through and discover encouraging words going to our other community members. You are right it does encourage others to speak up as well. I am also glad that you pointed out the art of listening. :) Oft times we forget that listening is just as important in communicating as is speaking. Thank you for your words.

Becky Frary

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