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Kriativ Aktivis (Creative Activist), Writer, Actor and Dub Poet -Randy McLaren. He uses his talent to advocate for vulnerable youth, and more specifically girls. This picture was taken after her led a session on Creative Leadership with the young women of the Mary Seacole Hall Leadership Academy. He spoke convincingly about the importance of young women getting involved, speaking up and leading and using their skills, voice and talents to become advocates. His sincerity was not lost on the girls and they dubbed him 'our feminist ally'. One participant wrote the following in her reflection "One of my favorite sessions was with Mr. Randy Mclaren where he showed us the true meaning of a leader. We were encouraged to start initiatives that we were passionate about and to use our talent to make a difference. I can genuinely say everyone present myself included had a turning point in their life at that session. We were shown that regardless of age we can be great leaders and that we can lead by example."