TARSICRON Conference Opportunity in Johannesburg

Eunice Owino
Posted June 2, 2013 from Kenya

From June 19 to 21st, 2013, TARSICRON is hosting a conference in Johannesburg, SA dedicated to promoting and increasing women and girls’ safety. The theme for the three day conference is “Safe from fear, safe from violence - creating safe environment for women across the board”. Such topics as Building partnerships in eradicating violence against women will be presented by an array of experts within the vaw prevention field. The conference takes a critical look at how and what governments and legal systems are doing to respond to and prevent violence against women. To learn more and to register for this thought-provoking event, download the brochure here. Also, explore their website at http://www.tarsicron.co.za/.

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  • LeanaM
    Jun 03, 2013
    Jun 03, 2013

    Ayunnie, Thanks so much for posting this information! I would also encourage you to post this in the Resource Exchange (http://worldpulse.com/pulsewire/exchange) so that more community members can be aware of the opportunity!

  • Eunice Owino
    Jun 04, 2013
    Jun 04, 2013

    Hi Leanam, Thank u too. Am learning our new space of world pulse..lemmi check where the resource exchange is and re post it there. be blessed