Hi colleagues, I would like to hear your feedback and input on my module 3 assignment.

For module 3 on writing an Op Ed I would like to write on Women and Political Participation in Kenya. My article will be majoring on women who vied for political positions. I would wish to critique the gender representation in the political arena in Kenya despite the new constitution on affirmative action. I wish also to bring out the barriers for women in breaking the ceiling. I will also pinpoint the marginalization of women by voters, fellow women and their male competitors during this process. I will like to bring out my points based on what I noted as a trainer on leadership and as an observer in three polling stations during the 2013 general elections in Kenya. Finally, I would wish to give my recommendations on how we can improve the number of women representation in my country, highlighting how women are able to courageously take on the injustices brought about by culture, globalization and seizes the benefits. As an aspirant in waiting I believe given an opportunity in political leadership women can deliver three folds their male counterparts.

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do a good analysis and bring out the challenges women face. is it really a level play field with men. no. I once did such an article so you can do it for kenya too. I look forward to reading it. share more of kenya expirience and suggest what should be done and at what levels.

Grace Ikirimat "It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

Hi Grace, Thank you, I will try my best to explore the challenges and the solutions women face when vying for political seats.

@ Nairobi KENYA Women have impeccable character, if tapped society realizes quantum leap in development